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An extensive range of jewellery - rings, bangles, earring and pendants entirely hand made, using only genuine sea glass (seaglass) that I've collected mostly in Cornwall, but also on beaches everywhere.  If you have an idea for a piece of sea glass jewellery, but don't see exactly what you'd like in my listings or galleries, or perhaps you have your own sea glass you'd like me to incorporate into a special piece of jewellery, feel free to contact me to discuss what you'd like. 

Pale blue aqua bezel set ring, 5mm, light polish
sea glass trio recycled silver bangle
      Mermaid earrings
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There's an infinite variety of colours of sea glass, and of course every single piece of sea glass is totally one off, having been on its own unique journey through the tides and currents of the ocean. Some sea glass has travelled great distances, washing up on shores far away from where it was originally dumped, whilst other pieces have stayed trapped for decades in harbours, dropped by sailors and smoothed and tumbled by the tides whilst yachts and fishing boats go by.