If you are in any doubt about any aspect of ordering jewellery online, commissioning a custom piece, or anything else at all, your question may be answered here, otherwise feel free to contact me by email or phone 07591 953333 (UK business hours).




Frequently asked questions

Q: How ethical is Glasswing Jewellery?


A: THE WORKSHOP:  I make almost every part all of my jewllery myself (except chains), using simple hand tools, and very little mechanisation. I use traditional silversmithing techniques,  in my smoke-free workshop / studio. Wherever possible I strive to use local suppliers to source materials, tools, business equipment and stationery. 

I source ethical gemstones wherever possible, and am pleased to find that a handful of lovely companies with a real passion for fair trade in the gemstone industry are offering more and more comprehensive ranges of stones. Do ask if you would like a particular gemstone, and I will endeavour to source it for you.

All the business waste produced is recycled wherever possible, and I often incorporate recycled elements, copper and recycled sterling silver in my designs.

The building I work in has low energy lighting throughout, and as far as possible uses energy efficient appliances.  My workshop in the main is powered by the occasional rechargeable gadget but mostly lots of elbow grease (an infinitely renewable commodity, as long as I get enough food and rest!).

RECYCLED SILVER & GOLD : The precious metals I use are from reputable refineries and dealers of recycled precious metals. These include Capella Ltd, Hoover and Strong in the US, and lately Cooksons have brought in a new range of eco gold and silver.



RECYCLED PACKAGING: I started off I re-use interesting materials such as old books (that are unreadable), and plastic packaging fashioned into quirky boxes.  I have to confess though, as Glasswing got busier, I had to find an alternative, so I now source recycled boxes and bags to package your jewellery.  Where possible recycled ribbon is used.  I would estimate that my packaging is in total 85% recycled.  All outer packaging is recycled, and is (when available) sourced from my locality through freecycle and other community projects.

THE SEA GLASS : A large proportion of the feature elements in my work are sea glass (upcycled, recycled 'trash' essentially, a gift from the litter bugs of years gone by). In the main this is collected on our local beaches by me, and my friends and family (who have caught the beachcombing bug). I also support other sea glass collectors who sell pieces they have collected themselves, once I have satisfied myself the sea glass is genuine and unaltered. 

Q: I have a design idea and I'd like something slightly different....How do I commission a special piece?

A: I love creating custom designs that are similar to the style and ethos of my body of work. If you are interested in a custom piece, please contact me - I answer my mail promptly and am happy to discuss any ideas you have. If you have something in mind that's not on the site, I may have something in the pipeline (I am always designing new pieces) that would fit the bill, or we can discuss what you are looking for and together come up with a final design.   I will keep you updated and send photos so you can approve you piece before it's sent out.


Q: I have some pieces of sea glass I love.  Could I have it made into jewellery? 

A: I am more than happy to incorporate special pieces of sea glass into jewellery for you, and enjoy creating something really special both visually and of course sentimentally.  I do so on the understanding that I take no responsibility for any breakage of the sea glass whilst in transit or in my workshop.  Drilling sea glass is a nerve racking business, (it is glass, after all) and although rare, there are the occasional 'blow outs' when the glass shatters or cracks (and when it happens it's usually the really unusual pieces!).

If you are happy to proceed under these nail biting conditions, then feel free to contact me about a design based around your sea glass!


Q: I am outside the UK.  Can I still buy from Glasswing Jewellery

A: I take orders from all over the world, and ship worldwide.    There is a £4.95 charge for delivery outside the UK.  This is a flat rate, for a signed for service, and the price is kept to the barest minimum. See my delivery rates for the up to date price.  For more details take a look at the Terms and Conditions

All items are priced in £ pounds sterling. PAYPAL is widely used internationally, and will convert payments into £ pounds sterling automatically.  If you are unsure how much your jewellery is in your currency, check out the exchange rate here.


CUSTOMISED / PERSONALISED ITEMS:  I will inscribe almost any piece in my range, as long as there is room to comfortably do so.  I hand stamp into the metal, in any language that uses the same letters as English and Roman numerals, and I ship my work worldwide.

Q: How much is that jewellery in my currency? 

A: Check up to date exchange rates to see how much items are in your currency.


Q: I would like to order bespoke wedding rings - will they be ready in time?

A: I always advise early ordering for all wedding jewellery (including rings and items for bridesmaids) to ensure everything is completed in good time for your big day. That said I am happy to work with spontaneous arrangements (more common than you'd imagine!) and have been known to turn around custom wedding rings within a week!   Do contact me whatever your requirements - if I can help,  I will.

Q: Can I buy a gift and have it sent directly

A: Each item of jewellery you buy will be sent out in funky, original recycled packaging.  I can send it with a complimentary handmade gift card if you request it in the 'special instructions to merchant' section on the Paypal checkout. Otherwise you can contact me with the details by email or phone.   Please ensure I have the address which your gift is to be sent to, otherwise I will automatically use the address on your paypal profile.

Q: Do you do gift vouchers?

A: A brilliant way to let someone commission their own Glasswing piece  - or for a great last minute gift - see gift vouchers here, in different values.  Contact me if you'd like to discuss a different value voucher, and I can arrange to send one to the recipient for you.


Q: I would like to stock glasswing jewellery in my shop / outlet / site - are there wholsale options?

A: Contact me to discuss wholesale orders, ( minimum of 15 pieces). 


Q: If I break my jewellery can I return it for a repair?

A: I am happy to repair any of my pieces free of charge in the unlikely event that they reach you with a fault, provided you contact me about the fault within 7 days of receipt. After that, if you have need of repair for any reason, cost is determined on an individual basis.


Q: Can I get items personalised (stamped) at a later date

A: I am happy to personalise items of jewellery bought in my shop at any time in the future. Contact me beforehand, and then return the item to me with details of the inscription you would like.  Prices for inscription are worked out per number of letters, on an individual basis.

Q : How do I care for my Glasswing jewellery?

A: A new section all about caring for your jewellery is coming here soon.   In the meantime I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the care and upkeep of your jewellery, and how to keep it looking its best.  Feel free to contact me by phone or email.