Galene sea glass ring with 3mm salt and pepper grey diamonds

Galene sea glass ring with 3mm salt and pepper grey diamonds


I can’t get enough of these grey, or salt and pepper diamonds. These are 3mm, and are flanking a gorgeous piece of calm pale sea-blue sea glass. I have a limited supply of this blue, so although I will do my absolutely best to update you here if I’ve run out, please be aware there’s a small chance I may not have any left! That said, I do find this sublime colour from time to time, even here in South Devon!

I have a vast selection of sea glass of all different colours in my collection, including a slightly darker grey-blue or what I call “storm blue” which I think would go beautifully with grey diamonds. If you have a particular colour in mind, use the SPECIAL REQUEST form when you check out to let me know what colour/s you’d like - I’ll probably drop you an email so we can finalise a colour you’re happy with.

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This ring is ready to send, and is available in size K. If it is sold out or you’d like it in a different size or colour, click the button below to start the process of having one made specially for you.

Allow 2-3 days for the ready-made rings, bespoke orders can take up to a few weeks depending on what you’d like and my current workload. I’ll go through all the details with you once I have details of what you’d like. Using the bespoke form doesn’t commit you to anything at the stage, but it’s very helpful for letting me know what you’d like and it can assist if you love my rings but you’re not 100% sure yet of exactly which one to choose.