MAGA business of the month

I'm really pleased that Glasswing Jewellery has been chosen as "Business of the Month" for July, by MAGA the

Cornish Language Partnership which was set up in 2005 to oversee the implementation of the Cornish Language Development Strategy. This is in recognition for my use and promotion of the Cornish language in my work.

Stamped sea glass pendant with Cornish stamping -

"Kowethes Kerra - Best Friend"

I've been using the MAGA partnership for translations for stampings on my jewellery now for some time, - it's a free service, and the translations are checked and double checked by the lovely Cornish Language experts in the partnership. It's great because I know I have the best translation possible for my work - and for my customers the assurance that their jewellery has just the right words, in terms of gender and tense, for their heartfelt messages to loved ones.

Not only that, Glasswing now has it's first certificate to proudly hang in the workshop:)