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 About Me



My inspiration comes from the coasts of Cornwall & Devon with all THEIR magic - the textures of the shore, the cliffs, the movement of the water & the EVER CHANGING quality of the light


looking through my mother’s jewellery box (when I was allowed) was my idea of heaveN!

I’ve always loved making things & metalwork…finally I listened to my heart & started glasswing jewellery in 2005….

…whilst living at the very tip of West Cornwall, one of the most stunning, rugged, remote regions of the UK. I collected sea glass, and using traditional silversmithing techniques with simple handtools, began designing and making jewellery full time. It soon got busy!

Since then, we’ve moved ‘up country’ to South Devon, where I have a lovely stone workshop near the harbour. Coastal walks and sea glass hunting with our bouncy lurcher allow me daily lungfuls of fresh sea air - something I never take for granted - the best perks of the job!

As a family we take advantage of our beautiful Devon surroundings. We love getting outside and exploring the coast and countryside as often as possible. Dartmoor is close-by, and of course we visit Cornwall regularly to see family and friends - not forgetting a spot of sea glass hunting!


 My Jewellery & My Ethics


 My passion for protecting the environment is reflected in my workshop practice


Taking Responsibility


The way I make jewellery reflects to a great extent the way I have always lived - striving to leave as light a footprint as is practical in the modern world and with an aversion to over-consumption or unecessary waste.

That’s why from the outset in 2005, when I set up Glasswing, I knew I didn’t want my business to go against my principles.

Acting responsibly with regards to how I sourced materials and my working practice was key to what Glasswing has always been about.


That’s why as soon as I realised 100% recycled silver was available, almost all the silver I used in my jewellery was recycled (apart from the chains which are impossible to buy in recycled silver).


Once I started using more gold in my designs, that too was all recycled.


Fairtrade Gold


The idea that the most beautiful, luxurious and valuable items in the world are made by exploiting the most vulnerable people on the planet, working in unthinkably hellish conditions, is an ugly reality that finally, thankfully, is impossible for the jewellery industry to ignore.

Campaigners and activists working in mining communities, and a handful of companies are now helping artisanal miners set up safe working conditions in the mines and more jewellers and consumers are demanding to know where the materials they are buying come from.


This is something I am passionate about and in 2014 I registered as a Fairtrade Goldsmith, joining a scheme set up to enable small business designer/makers like myself to buy Fairtrade Gold.


Ethical Gemstones


I buy gemstones from a very small handful of truly ethical suppliers, those that have the knowledge of the gem’s supply, leading right back to the environmentally responsible and safety-conscious mine from which the gems were extracted.

Most gems I use come from the USA, Australia and Canada plus from ethical, environmentally responsible mines in Africa.


I use recycled diamonds, in my opinion the most environmentally responsible, conflict-free option possible, as well as Canadian and Australian origin diamonds.


I also use genuine sea glass, which I collect on the beaches of the beautiful Devon and Cornwall coastlines, and sometimes I buy from trusted collectors here in the UK and around the world.


My Ethical Processes


Along with ensuring the materials I use are fairly and ethically sourced or 100% recycled, I use a 100% renewable, green energy tariff for all the workshop and office’s energy needs.


In my workshop, I use simple tools and traditional techniques, including a lot of elbow grease!


None of the disposables I use in the business such as metal polishing compounds contain animal products and since Febrary 2018 I’ve not bought any equipment (or food!) that contains any animal products at all (many traditional tools contain leather and many compounds contain animal fats).

The office and workshop are also 100% vegan.


For processes that I outsource, I pay UK contractors, such as setters, casters, fabricators and finishers a fair price for their highly skilled work.

Liv’s Fish was drawn by my daughter Olivia when I started Glasswing Jewellery (she was little then!) and it’s been with me, my work and my website ever since! Love you Liv x