Renewing my Fairtrade registration

I've registered again with the Fairtrade Foundation for this year, so I'm delighted to say that almost all my gold wedding and engagement rings, bridal jewellery and everyday jewellery ranges are now available to order in fairtrade gold.

Glasswing Jewellery fairtrade gold rings handmade wedding ethical

Choosing fairtrade means a good deal for mine workers and their families and ensures more responsible, sustainable treatment of our precious earth.

choose fairtrade gold gives miners mine workers access to better working conditions

Until recently small UK artisanal jewellery makers have had difficulty accessing Fairtrade precious metals in the quantities they require, however it is thankfully becoming easier to source.

So from now on, I'll be working hard to offer everything I make in Fairtrade gold wherever possible.

Fairtrade gold means a fair deal for miners and their families, and by choosing it you are actively changing the landscape of the jewellery industry and potentially the lives of thousands of workers throughout the world.

This is taken from the Fairtrade Foundation's website..

"Fairtrade Gold is produced fairly and transparently. When buying jewellery made with Fairtrade Gold you make a difference to the miners, their families and their communities. Your support can provide them with the chance to be paid a fair price, better working conditions, build their futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and make their own way to prosperity.

There are currently 16 million small scale gold miners and further 100 million people who indirectly rely on small scale mining for a living – miners, their families and their communities. Small scale mining is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, and miners often work in very remote and harsh conditions with little or no health and safety measures in place. Fairtrade Gold offers a lifeline to these miners, their families and communities. Fairtrade gives strict standards on working conditions, women’s rights, child labour and environment management; in return miners gain access to markets and receive the Fairtrade Premium – the extra sum they receive to develop their businesses and invest into their communities.

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