Joanna & Paul's Gorgeous Boho Wedding

“The only jewellery I wore was a borrowed vintage diamante bracelet from another friend and the earrings my husband (!) bought me to match my sea glass engagement ring – the lovely Kate also hand-crafted both our wedding rings …

Thanks again for being a part of our lovely day!

Best regards

Jo and Paul x”


Joanna and Paul’s magical wedding in a beautiful field

Joanna and Paul‘s outdoor blessing in a field, a beautiful tree drapped in chiffon as their focal point and the altar is a visual feast!

The fun and celebration continued in the open field with a tipi reception full of gorgeous white flowers, hanging lanterns and lots of space hoppers to entertain the kiddies - a cheeky late night game of piggy in the middle with a rugby ball :-)

Photos by the amazingly talented Antony Turner Photographer

Joanna and Paul’s eedding featured on the wonderful Rock My Wedding blog

Kate Pearse