Got spring in the air, and in our step


Bit blowy in Sussex today, but we took a lovely brisk walk this morning, up our back alleyway - shown here in glorious morning sun.  Long may this gorgeous weather continue!

The difference in where the sun is at different times of the day compared with earlier in the year,  is really noticeable living here on the edge of the forest (as opposed to living in a seaside terraced townhouse surrounded by other buildings where it was hard to notice these things!)


View up the field, facing north (not very pretty but effective new saw horse in the foreground!)

The sun has started to move to its summer position further to the north.  So now the workshop can often be fully drenched in sunshine in the early evening,  (not brilliant for soldering, but great for making paperwork more bearable!).  Another surprise is that without the sea breezes, evenings here can get pretty balmy, and our north facing back garden is quite often sunny for alfresco tea times, fantastic!

Kate Pearse