Different profiles of Wedding RIngs

Satin wedding rings are going a bit like hot cakes this wedding season at with lots of folk requesting I finish their rings in either soft satin or satin brushed.  These rings I made yesterday are satin brushed, and I really like the soft silvery almost luminous finish.  When I stopped work last night, I stacked them up (see above) and photographed them in the evening light. 

Having them all together gives me a chance to describe some of the different ring profiles I make.  At the very top is a 6mm flat hammered comfort band, sometimes called 'flat court' profile,  which I made from the same piece of silver as the 8mm band at the very bottom. It is flat on the outside, and curved on the inside.  It is shaped down to the narrower 6mm width by hand, and then I file, polish and finish it, again all by hand, to give a lovely soft edge.  The excess silver removed is recycled and used for new jewellery pieces.


recycled silver satin wedding rings showing profile shapes

The middle two rings are also a set, the larger one is an 8mm D-shaped band, with a flat edge inside against the skin.  The other, the smallest ring in the stack is a 4mm D-shaped band.  All these rings are hammered with the same hammer, to give a quite subtle and slightly uneven surface, without an obvious hammering pattern

Glasswing ethical wedding rings are made with 100% recycled sterling 925 silver, and these ones are all hand stamped with secret messages inside.  I stamp with 1mm and 2mm fonts.  This could be the date of the ceremony, names, sentiments, shared words.   .


8mm and 6mm comfort fit bands, made from the same piece of recycled silver, showing the inside 'comfort fit' or 'flat court' profile with stamping