Satin recycled diamond ring


This quite chunky recycled silver recycled diamond 6mm wide engagement ring features an 18ct recycled gold bezel with 4.5mm 0.3ct Harmony recycled diamond.  It's quite a statement ring. When I initially recieve an enquiry from a customer, we work closely together to realise their exact design to create their perfect engagement and wedding rings.  

I source each recycled Harmony diamond especially, from the ethical bullion and diamond supplier, Hoover and Strong, according to each customer's requirements and budget. Having recycled diamonds in your engagement ring guarantees your beautiful ring is totally ethical, with no risk of having contributed to the promotion and supporting unethical supply chains and work conditions.  Not only that, many of the diamonds sourced from vintage jewellery are particularly well cut, and can be super sparkly and pretty.

I have had a lot of satin finish commissions this year, and I particularly like the contrast of the soft brush texture next to the bright uber-crisp sparkle of the diamond in this one.

It is paired with a 4mm D-shaped recycled sterling silver wedding band, also in satin finish.