Design Questions

Am I limited to what I've seen you make?

No. Please send is your ideas!

Can I alter a current design?

Yes! Our designs are customizable. Not only can you change the stones and metal, but let us know your ideas about changing more about it.

Can you make a completely custom design?

Yes. Send us your budget with sketches, screen shots, or other visuals. We can make most anything happen. You are not limited to what you see here.


Purchasing Questions

Do you accept returns / exchanges?

Yes, for a limited time, and there are possible restocking fees. Please read further info here: Returns/Exchange Policies Page

What is your warranty?

Under £0000.00 - Free for the first 3 months, and flat fees will apply for next 4.5 years £5.00-£25.00 depending on metal. Missing stones diamonds will not be replaced for free, but we offer the stone replacement at wholesale cost, and do not charge for our time. 

Over £0000.00 - Free repairs for 5 years. Missing stones diamonds will not be replaced for free, but we offer the stone replacement at wholesale cost, and do not charge for our time. 

Is there a retail location to purchase from?

No, not currently. Most every piece is custom made to order. We have a tiny stock of one of a kind rings in a little velvet glass top container that we keep in our secure safe. Other than that, it's all through email. We simply do not make enough pieces to sell wholesale to retail locations.

What if I got the wrong size?

No problem, we can size it for you! Purchase ring sizing here.

What are your policies about custom made items?

Most pieces are custom made and have a policy that you agree to when you purchase.

Read about the policies on our Policy Page.


Jewellery Questions

What metal and stones are the strongest?

10k gold and 14k gold in white, yellow, or rose gold will be the strongest options. Sterling is soft, and so is Platinum. The lower amount of gold (10k), the stronger it is, as gold is a softer metal. Other metals are added to gold to strengthen, creating 14k and 18k. We love 14k for the saturation in color of course and great strength!

What is your production turnaround time?

When your order is placed, production time could be anywhere between 10 business days to 6 weeks. This just depends on the process. If we are handmaking your design, getting it casted, or, say, having to design it all from scratch and then get it casted, etc. Please contact us at least 6 weeks in advance of your needed ring. That way, there is plenty of time. If you are leaving for a trip/moving, please get in touch much sooner.

Do you do standard jewellery work - set my stone, use my gold?

Our type of work as a jewelry brand limits us in our time and in our insurance capacity to do this type of work. We cannot use your stone(s), and we cannot sell, melt, or reuse your metal.

Do you use sustainable metal practices and ethically sourced gems?

You can be sure that you’re purchasing metals and gems from a company whose stance on humanity and the environment outweigh receiving awards or recognition. We want to be clear and upfront with you about our commitment!

Metals - Responsible gold starts from the mining process. Our gold supplier uses appropriate mining methods on conservation, remediation, fair labor practices, and proper refining. Up to 98% of raw materials used in production are recycled within the casting company / gold supplier. Our gold supplier chooses to have a 3rd party audit by SCS Services to continually have proof of their upheld ethical practices.

Diamonds - The majority of our diamonds and gems are sourced directly from mines in Canada, Botswana, and South Africa. They are often cut in India. Because we do not tolerate conflict diamonds and/or human suffering in any way, all rough and polished diamonds we use comply with the Kimberley Process. We are committed to selling diamonds ethically and with integrity. We are using diamonds you can feel good about.

The supplier of our smaller accent diamonds is also a part of the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America, whose mission is to promote the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism in the American marketplace.

Seaglass  - I personally collect unique pieces of seaglass through beachcombing on the coasts of Cornwall and Devon, etc. etc.

Gemstones - Our supplier abides by strict policies when sourcing stones. Their experts visit mines to ensure that they maintain socially responsible practices and that they comply with the US Patriot Act. Our main gem supplier belongs to the American Gem Trade Association, which requires its members to uphold the highest ethical standards in their business practices. 

How do I best care for my Glasswing Jewellery?

To best avoid any of the residue buildup that comes with regular wear, you can clean your jewelry regularly at home with warm water, gentle soap, and a toothbrush.  

To maintain the quality of your jewelry, remove before showering, gardening, using cleaning chemicals, applying makeup and lotions, swimming, and exercising. Exposure to any harsh chemicals or heavy pressure will put your jewelry at risk.

Store your jewelry in a soft pouch or lined jewelry box away from touching other jewelry.

My oxidation wore off. Why? And, what can I do to re-oxidize it?

Oxidation is an overlay on your sterling silver. It can come off if you use chemicals at home without removing (ie: showering, doing dishes or using cleaning supplies, etc.), with normal wear over time, and/or if your body chemistry affects the coating. Some people cannot keep silver clean and bright and it needs to be cleaned often, while other people tend to self-clean their jewelry and have to re-oxidize when they want oxidized jewelry. It depends on many factors.

To re-oxidize, you can purchase Jax Silver Blackener and do so at home. Please follow these directions carefully:

Metal must be clean and free of lacquer, oil, grease or wax. To apply, either brush solution on with a bristle brush or dip entire object in solution, avoiding the solution touching your skin. Rinse well with water and dry.