questions about ordering

I’d like something a bit different, Can I have a variation on a current design?

Yes! Designs are all customisable, you can choose the sea glass colour, the stones, metals and finishes. Feel free to send visuals of other alterations you’d like. Check out the different options available to help you decide on the finer details.

Can you make a completely custom design?

Yes, if it’s within the general style of my work. Send me your ideas along with sketches, screen shots, or other visuals and an idea of what you’d like to spend, and we can work together to create your unique piece of ethical jewellery.

How do I go about ordering / commissioning a bespoke piece?

The best way is to look through and familiarise yourself with my work on my site, and social media feeds like Instagram or Facebook. Once you have an idea of what you’d like, use the commission enquiry form to tell me the colours and styles you like, your ideas and requirements. Even if you’re not 100% sure, this is the best way to start narrowing things down and get the ball rolling, and doesn’t commit you to anything at this stage.

Is your studio open or is there a physical shop I can buy Glasswing jewellery from?

As I make almost everything is made to order, and I work with customers online only I don’t have a huge stock of jewellery to show or try on. Commissioning and ordering is done through email, phone calls and close up photos (as I have done for almost 14 years now). I do occasionally have a small number of items ready to buy here which can be sent out relatively quickly. I also offer a very comprehensive and fair after-sales service - I want you to be nothing short of absolutely delighted with your jewellery!

How do I work out my ring size?

Ask me for a ring sizer and I will pop one in the post for you. Alternatively, visit a high street jeweller and ask them to size your finger using a sizing gauge. Don’t be tempted to simply use a ring they have on display, as you can’t be sure that whoever labelled it, got the size correct in the first place! Also keep in mind what kind of width you’d like your ring to be, as the wider the ring, the larger the size you need - the jeweller should have sizers for narrower and wider style rings. See more about ring sizes here.

Do you do Gift vouchers?

I occasionally get requests for gift vouchers, just ask and I will send you details of how to purchase one.

How long will my commission take?

Once your order is confirmed and paid, the making process can take anywhere up to 6-8 weeks depending on how busy I am at the time. There may be an additional period of research, design and pricing, the time this takes depends on the item and the process. If I am hand making your design, getting it cast, or designing it from scratch and then making it, it can take longer than something very similar to, or a variation on something I make fairly regularly. Please try to make contact at least 8 weeks in advance of the date you need your jewellery. That way, there will be plenty of time. If you are going away on a special trip, eloping or moving, please get in touch even sooner.

How will my jewellery be delivered?

See Glasswing’s Term’s and Conditions for details about packaging and delivery.

What if I’d like to return jewellery - do you do returns/exchanges?

On ready made items, yes, for a limited time. For other jewellery, I have a different policy. Please read further info in the Returns & Exchange section of the Terms & Conditions page.

What's your policy for commissioned items?

Most jewellery is custom made and I have a commissioning policy that you agree to when you purchase. Read about the policies on my Terms and Conditions page


jewellery questions

What are the most usual widths for wedding rings?

Of course everyone is different - thank goodness otherwise my job wouldn’t be half as interesting as it is!

I get asked a lot what the most usual widths of wedding bands are, especially for men, for whom their wedding ring may be the one and only piece of jewellery they will ever wear.

For him

In my experience, 5mm is the most requested width, and the one that many jewellery companies class as the “standand men’s band width” ..

6mm tends to work well on particularly large hands, and give the same visual proportions as 5mm, whilst 8mm I would say is classed as a wider band giving a different look and feel.

for her

For women the style of the engagement ring can often determine what wedding band works best, as well as her personal style and aesthetic. That aside, 3mm tends to be the most requested width, with 2.5mm a close second.

Is sea glass suitable for an engagement ring?

Sea glass has been tumbling around in the ocean for years, sometimes for decades, and as such already has frosting and tiny scratches all over it, which is what gives it its distinct character. Once the sea glass is set into metal, the little "stone" itself, and the shaped edges that I have cut and polished (and that you don't see), are protected by the setting in the same way that other stones are. A bezel setting is more secure and protective than a claw setting, which allows more of the stone to be exposed. The surface of your sea glass may well become more shiny over time as it is worn, depending what you do whilst wearing the ring.

Is silver durable enough for wedding or engagement bands?

I am asked for silver engagement and wedding rings a lot. Some people just really love silver (including me)! Silver is a relatively soft metal, so over time, it will scratch, (which generally looks like a mellowing of the shine) and over the years, it will eventually start to wear down, especially if you wear it with harder metals, or do heavy manual work in it. That said, Glasswing silver rings tend to be relatively chunky, and so it would take many years for them to wear down, and of course if you keep an eye on them, you can always get them repaired and strengthened by adding more material to your ring/s. What I wouldn’t receommend though, is a really delicate design in silver if you intend to wear it daily. White gold would be far more practical, and will still blend in with your other silver jewellery. If in doubt, discuss your needs with me before ordering.

Do you make bridesmaids gifts?

Yes! Jewellery pieces tend to be in the jewellery to buy now section but depending on my workload, I may be able to make bespoke pieces for bridesmaids. I’d advise planning this early, and contacting me to see if I have the capacity at the moment.

How do I care for my jewellery?

Fine jewellery is one of the most important purchases we make. Taking care of your jewellery keeps it looking its best, as well as ensuring it can be worn and enjoyed for generations to come. I’ve compiled a list of hints and tips about how to care for your purchase.

Do you make everything yourself?

For the first 10 years of running Glasswing single-handedly, I made everything myself. Absolutely everything! But much as I love working at my bench, running a business takes a lot more than just benchwork. It simply can’t be done if I am to move forward with the business and keep things fresh around here! So I’m now joined by a small, hand picked team of amazingly skilled UK based jewellers and specialists that I work with on some pieces, to make the different elements of my designs.

is your jewellery hallmarked?

Yes, gold jewellery weighing over 1g and silver jewellery over 7.78g legal require and are always hallmarked.

Can I get jewellery engraved once it is made?

Depending on the piece, it should be totally possible to take your piece to be engraved at a local jewellers.

How do I find out my partner’s ring size without them knowing?

By fair means or foul! I’m afraid that every finger is different so your partner’s wedding finger on the right hand is very unlikely to be exactly the same as the finger on the left hand. Most often, your partner may not wear rings on their wedding fingerr, but if they do, you can always measure the inside carefully to determine the required size. Otherwise there are a few tricks you can employ (how are your acting skills?!) Contact me for a list of hints I’ve compiled over the years.

Can I use my own sea glass?

Absolutely yes! There’s nothing more romantic than having sea glass that you’ve beachcombed from a special beach or on holiday, set into jewellery for yourself or a loved one.

Can I use my own gold, gems or diamonds?

Making new jewellery by reworking heirloom pieces is something I enjoy doing. However it’s not always possible for various reasons. Remodelling is undertaken at customer’s risk as I cannot know the origin and quality of your materials. The best way to start is to contact me and give me the details (and pictures) of the piece you’d like remodelled, and what you’d like made.e




The majority of the precious metals I use come from a supplier that sells 100% recycled metals. They are certified by third party audit, by SCS Global Systems. The metals come entirely from scrap metal purchased from jewellers and other refineries that also recycle scrap metal from industries such as the photographic industry. I also use other bullion suppliers who produce recycled, Fairtrade and conventional precious metal ranges. I buy my metals from their recycled and certified Fairtrade ranges.


The majority of the diamonds I use are recycled from vintage and preloved jewellery. These are recovered then re-polished, assessed and graded by experts, with the higher grade stones 0.25ct and above given certificates from the GIA. On request I also source Canada Mark diamonds, ethical ‘raw’ and salt and pepper diamonds, Australian coloured diamonds and lab grown diamonds.

If you are new to buying diamonds it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with what determines their quality, value and price. It can feel rather bewildering so I advise doing your own research, I can also provide a short explanation I’ve compiled of the “ 4 C’s” to help you decide your priorities - contact me and I’ll send it to you by request.

Sea glass

I collect sea glass on the beaches of Cornwall and Devon, with frequent help from family and friends who always seem to be emptying beachcombed treasure from their sandy pockets on to the kitchen table! I occasionally buy some of the rarer colours from trusted suppliers throughout the UK and further afield.


There are actually only a tiny handful of truly ethical gemstone suppliers, which are the ones I work with. As yet, there is no official fairtrade certification for gemstones. My suppliers abide by strict ethical policies when sourcing stones. They either own the mines themselves, or visit mines personally to ensure that they maintain environmentally, and socially responsible practices. My main Hatton Garden gem supplier has a long standing affiliation with these associate companies:
1. Columbia Gem House INC of the USA.
2. The Permian Company Ltd of the UK