Michael & Mark

Michael & Mark’s woodland glade wedding

Michael & Mark’s Woodland Glade wedding

Michael & Mark’s Woodland Glade wedding


Your beautiful parcel arrived with the post 5 minutes ago - and we opened with huge anticipation!  They are both just beautiful, and exactly what we wanted - so beautifully presented with the little stars and with our names on the bottom.

Thank you so much!  We'll send you pictures when we get back from Venice after the day!

Lots of love,

Michael & Mark :-)

Michael and Mark were one of the couples who were so generous to share pictures of their gorgeous day with me.

The venue was kept top secret …Michael and Mark bussed their friends and family there so they wouldn't know until they arrived! The venue was a woodland glade which is in the garden of their friend (who also performed the ceremony for them).

The sun shone through the leaves above giving a lovely dappled light, and they had bottles of bubbly chilling in the spring-fed pond, and a wonderful buffet meal provided by all our friends.  A local band entertained guests into the night, with Mark's Dad calling folk dances with them, and the evening was completed by a warming bonfire , fire-eating and juggling acts performed by another friend!

Sounds absolutely magical!

Congratulations to you both and all your friends and family :) ! x

Rosie Ames