Jane & Jakub

Jakub and Jane eloped to the breathtaking Hornby Island

Jakub and Janes’s wedding

Hi again Kate, how are you?

We got back from our wedding trip in Canada the other day. All went very well… and we really love wearing your rings now…..They were worth the wait, so thank you very much again!

Many thanks and lots of happy customers in the years to come. - Jakub

An utterly romantic elopement…

I have to admit when Jakub and Jane sent me the link to their elopement wedding photos, taken on Hornby Island, off the coast of Canada, I may have had to wipe away something in my eye….:)

You can see the rest of the photos in all their epic gorgeousness here

Thank you so much for sharing your day x

Incredible photographs by Jennifer Armstrong Photography

Rosie Ames